About us

Sophie Cuendet du Roy

Who am I?

I am an enthusiastic and inspired executive and team coach, a passionate business woman, a deeply humanist philosopher, a bold adventurer, a lover of Life and nature, always curious about what emerges through me.

I trained as a professional coach (in course of PCC certification at the ICF) and team coach at Coaching Square Swiss. I also obtained a diploma in spiritual accompaniment from ASSPIR (Association for Spiritual Accompaniment). I have also trained in participative dynamics with Ordinata.

In a first stage of life, I worked as a business lawyer at Lausanne and Brussels bars and held various management positions in international companies. I hold a CAS in business law at the University of Geneva, as well as an MBA from Vlerick Business School (Belgium).

I practice in French and English, mainly in French-speaking Switzerland, as well as by videoconference for leadership coaching for clients residing elsewhere. Upon request, I can also make myself available elsewhere in the world for conferences. I also speak German and Spanish, as well as conversational Italian.


Teleos Leadership is a coaching, training and consulting enterprise whose core purpose is to allow you reveal your Self and your inner leadership so you can inspire, federate and liberate your organizations .

At Teleos Leadership, we strongly believe that the consciousness and accomplishment of individuals and organisations’ identity is the main catalyst for their performance, creativity and agility, and the essential ingredient for their sustainability and joy.

Teleos has its root in ancient Greek, τέλος, which means to accomplish, to enter into one’s wholeness and perfection equipped with the highest power, that of the heart.