I take joy in inspiring and moving audiences towards greater awareness and openness, and to give concrete tools to get started, through deep and humorous speeches.

I am regular keynote speaker at various organizations in Switzerland and around the world, including the Family Business Network.

My favorite topics


  • Inner Leadership: an essential capital to multiply your positive impact.
  • Self-love: egotistical selfishness or foundation of love for others?
  • Overcoming guilt and daring 100% responsibility
  • No spirituality without full acceptance of our humanity
  • World peace starts within


  • What is a human-centered corporate culture?
  • How emotions can either make or break your organization
  • What attitude towards artificial intelligence (AI): fear of being replaced or opportunity to re-humanize your organization?
  • Critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, emotional intelligence: the top new skills to develop in your teams
  • A deeply held core purpose: engine of the adaptability, attractiveness and sustainability of your organization


Thank you for your passionate and moving presentation, accomplished with tact, elegance, warmth, sincerity and conviction.
The CEO of a family business