Deploy your organization’s
core purpose

Your challenges

A thirst for meaning and pride of belonging to an organization whose positive impact is measurable

Disengaged employees, and difficulty in attracting and retaining talent

A too rigid, scattered and / or inconsistent organization

A self-centered organization that ignores its customers’ needs

At Teleos Leadership, we help you discover and define what is the deep sense of meaning, the core purpose of your organization, and make it its backbone over time.

The core purpose goes beyond simple profitability, giving your organization a deep sense of meaning. It includes idealistic motives of its stakeholders and expresses the positive impact the organization has on their lives and its ecosystem.

The awareness of this core purpose (your “what for?”) will allow your organization to stay focused on its destination, while allowing to be adaptable and agile in its offers / services (your ” what? “and” how? “).

Our commitment

To accompany you in (re) defining your organization’s core purpose and to anchor it deeply in all its work processes, thus creating a strong sense of identity that:

  • brings clarity, originality and alignment
  • federates employees, increases their commitment and their pride of belonging
  • focuses on the real needs of customers, improves the quality of your offers and builds loyalty
  • makes the organization adaptable to the volatility of the environment