Our Philosophy

My founding beliefs

to develop one’s inner leadership and become a great leader

Human nature is neither good nor bad by birth. It is, however, the place of a perpetual internal fight between good (the Source of life, unity and being) and bad (the forces of division that imply non-being and lack of unity). To choose the good implies to listen to one’s being, one’s deep intuition, one’s Source in order to find one’s unity, and to act in congruence and deep inner integrity.


A consciousness path allows us to progressively reconnect with our being and our Source. To do so, we need to lift – and let ourselves be stripped from – all that veils it and keeps us inwardly divided: our limiting beliefs and inner schemes, our traumas, our wounds, and all contained or repressed emotions associated with them. This path involves a courageous inner transformation work of self-awareness, self-discovery and holistic self-love, which progressively allows us to come into contact with our Self, and with the joy and peace that are already within, and always were.


Love is the most powerful driving force of life and performance. True love is neither bland nor complacent, but at the same time benevolent and challenging. Love challenges us to dare take 100% responsibility for our life and accomplish our life mission, while being 100% benevolent to our human nature.


Growing up in consciousness requires an inner attitude of full responsibility. On the one hand, to let go of one’s victim status and become the actor of one’s life. On the other hand, to cease pleasing oneself in guilt, shame, blame and (self) punishment. Instead, inwardly learn to accept one’s mistakes, admit we have not lived up to the one we really are, forgive oneself resolutely and act accordingly.


While taking 100% responsibility, we are invited to welcome ourselves where we are. To inwardly welcome our vulnerability, our body and our needs, our feelings, to take care of ourselves and to resolutely trust oneself. To fearlessly welcome our emotions as indicative of unfulfilled legitimate needs, and use these emotions as catalysts of inner transformation to get us back into action and de-clutter our energy. To stop self-sacrificing who we are, our identity. To just stop identifying to our wounded ego, put it on leave, surrender it and instead love our true identity, our Self.


Listening to our depths is key. It is through the intimate listening and encounter with ourselves that we will gradually discover with wonder who we truly are. Coming into contact with our true nature, listening to our inner compass, (re) discovering what makes us vibrate, letting ourselves be inspired, taking our place, fulfilling our life mission and thereby making our lives sacred (to sacrifice = to make sacred) by honoring everything we are and bear within.


Self-love gradually renews our relationships with others. Self-love puts us back into Life as it leads to a complete renewal of our relationship with others. Solidly anchored in our being and in our internal security, we discover that the others are no enemy, but vulnerable human beings as we are – lovable and fully loved as we are. As we are now able to self-affirm, take our place and set our limits, we can fully welcome others in their difference without feeling threatened by their glance or who they are.


Love is of service to others. This love serves others – not to be subservient to them – but to invite them to reveal themselves and to fulfill their Self.


There is no access to spirituality without humanity. This unconditional love for our human nature will also enable us to experience a living relationship with that “much greater than we are” that lives within each of us in the depth of our heart, that always precedes us and that we are constantly invited to reconnect to. Thus, self-love leads to the amazing discovery of this divine part, this energy of Love, of God within. In other words, love leads to Love.

Consent and learning

Consenting to all life leads to Life. Accepting our life without fighting against “what is” and exhausting ourselves (fight). Without either anesthetizing ourselves in flight and blindness (flight). Without finally falling into the trap of injustice and paralysis (freeze).
In all things, however, being fully present to “what is” and actively seeking what we are learning and how these outward events help us grow in consciousness and help us change our response (“response-ability”) and our inner posture to these events (fertilize).
Far from resigning ourselves, this attitude of consent and constant learning gradually brings us back to Life by helping us mourn, inwardly renew ourselves and actively take our place.


Life is the opening of the heart which allows the complete renewal of the relationship with oneself, our Self, with others, with that “much greater than we are”, God, and which allows us to feel the joy of togetherness – of communion.


World peace starts within and is the personal responsibility of each of us. If you really want to change the world, stop making war on yourself. Love yourself instead and realize that you always were loved. Lead and be led by Love!

To believe in God can commit to nothing, but to believe in mankind commits to everything.
Maurice Zundel