Our world needs brave, wholehearted and deeply human leaders

More than ever, our organizations and our governments need leaders who have the courage to stand up and make the decisions they feel right in their hearts, in line with their deepest values, despite their fears and external pressures.

This type of courage and power implies that these leaders have built a strong inner strength that allows them to act in inner congruence and to inspire by their example.

At Teleos Leadership, I accompany leaders to develop their inner leadership through a work of self-awareness, self-love and wholeness that helps them reconnect to their humanity, their being and their Source, and enables them to find the inner resources to act wholeheartedly and in profound integrity (integer = whole, unified).

This change in inner posture will enable them to develop the human, relational, emotional, spiritual and resilience skills necessary for them to have the positive impact they have always known they are to have.

Do you want to be an energetic leader who acts with the power of the heart, and no longer a leader exhausted by the force of the wrist that he/she must constantly deploy to convince? A leader capable of healthy, genuine relationships that inspire security and confidence? A leader that we follow no longer because we have to, but because we want it? A leader who has the courage to have the difficult discussions and make the right decisions, despite the outside pressures? A leader serving your Life mission and a positive transformation agent around you and in your organization? A servant leader aware of his/her identity who no longer needs to prove his/her existence, and who enables others to fulfil themselves fully, even beyond what they thought possible?

In the next weeks, I will be sharing the 12 founding beliefs to develop one’s inner leadership and become a true and great leader.

I am at your disposal to begin this inner work, which will give full meaning to your Life !