Reveal your Self

Liberate your


Reveal your Self
Liberate your

Our Vision

Welcome dear leaders, entrepreneurs or change agents in search of meaning and positive impact.

My vision is to allow you reveal your Self and your inner leadership to enable you inspire, federate and liberate your organizations.

I have created Teleos Leadership to support you in this process of inner transformation and opening of the mind, heart and will that will allow you to positively transform your organization, and unleash its potentials and high performance.

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by the deep meaning of your
life and your organization


your teams by renewed relationships
and a deeper level of trust


autonomy, co-creativity
and high performance

Our Engines

A bold vision

An ambitious, bold and deeply humanistic vision to unleash the human and collective potential and enable individuals and organizations to enter into their accomplishment, for the greater common good of our humanity.

A tenacious desire

That individuals rediscover meaning, trust and joy of collaborating, of self-accomplishing and of co-creating in synergy (1 + 1 = 3) thus boosting the performance, agility and creativity of their organizations.

A deep conviction

The meaning of life lies in the experience of healthy relationships to oneself and to others. And love is the force that allows the renewal of flourishing relationships. Love is neither bland nor complacent. On the contrary, love invites us to go beyond guilt and/or victimization, to dare take full responsibility for our own lives and to help others do the same for their lives. Love is the most powerful driving force of life and performance.

An Exponential Envy

To contribute to leaders’ inner awakening and accomplishment so they can become inspired and inspiring leaders and agents of positive transformation.

The price of greatness is responsibility.
Winston Churchill